Jack of a few things. Trying to master some of them.

Made a really silly feature film called The Bet for Bollywood in 2009-ish. We were a bunch of over-excited and over-ambitious teenagers. The film was rubbish. Those days of making the film though were amazing.

Co-founded a magazine called 21Fools which then became an online greeting cards company. Now they make thoughful, wonderful, sustainable Products. All credit there goes to this guy.

Spent the last decade or so learning the world of Internet. Lived in Mumbai, Delhi, Jakarta and now in Singapore. Still consider the beautiful City of Lakes - Udaipur my home 'home'.

Currently working on making Money without Borders at Wise.


I started taking pictures beyond the occasional ones with my phone in 2015. The first camera I bought was Canon 600D with the kit lens. Eventually upgraded to a Sony A7R2 which is still my main camera. More on my gear here.


I maintain my goodreads shelf quite actively and you can find it here. Add me as a friend :)

You can also find more about the books I have read here.


I would love to know more about you. So do send me a note. We can swap a book or movie or some other kind of recommendation. I am also passively active on Twitter and Instagram.